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Clip of the Week!

It’s Wednesday and it’s time for your Clip of the Week!

This week’s clip goes to student Sabrina Shuster playing the beginning of the Mozart Adagio. This is a beautiful teaser and I promise to provide a bigger clip when we add piano soon! So often something so lovely as this is so deceptively difficult!

Beautiful job Sabrina - I cant wait to hear you play this with piano later this month. Keep up the great work!

Third Installment in my blog series “Preparing Students and Parents to Enjoy the Competitive Journey” on front page of Violinist.com!

We are very fortunate to be on the front page of violinist.com again today!

This installment was entitled “Preparing for Final Rounds" and focuses on the time period between notification of the finalists and the event itself. 

It has been a wonderful process so far to share our methods and strategies with a larger audience.  

This is part of a  blog series to get us all in gear for the next competitive season.  

The next two installments will be entitled Competition Etiquette, and Carrying the Experience Forward

Go take a look at violinist.com!

You can also read my new studio blog about teaching and performing here.