Welcome to the Horman Violin Studio website. The studio was founded in 1991 by violinist Amy Beth Horman and is now based in Washington, DC. The Horman Violin Studio strives to offer year round instruction, inspiration, and support to aspiring violinists of all ages.

The audition period for the studio has officially closed. However, you may schedule a trial audition to be placed on the Prospective Student List where you will be contacted pending availability. Please schedule an auditon by writing the studio directly at hormanviolinstudio@gmail.com.

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung at HVS and the students that started with us as the New Year turned have really started to blossom!

Those students along with a few new students ages 10-15 will be sending applications in hopes of being granted an audition for the NSO Youth Fellowship Program.  We have seven applications to submit this year which is so exciting!

To formally welcome and introduce those who have started with us since the turn of the year, there will be several new bios hitting our roster soon.  We have been very busy pulling together their information and getting them off to a good start!

Keep a look out for these young virtuosos - they are a brilliant bunch!


Starting preparation for the NSO Youth Fellowship Auditions today!

I am hearing a very talented new student of ours play with one of our pianists for the first time today as we begin preparation for the NSO Youth Fellowship auditions. So exciting to put great pieces together and I know he will do beautifully!

It reminds me again of just how lucky we are to have this beautiful Mason and Hamlin grand piano in our midst. It has changed our work environment so dramatically.

Having rehearsals and coaching in lessons with piano has made all the difference this year in our competitions and performances and we could not be more grateful!